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The Company

We create easy-to-use premium reference apps, e-books as well as educating films explaining complicated things in an entertaining way. Guided by our passion and enthusiasm for nature we provide an outstanding experience to empower everyone to appreciate the natural environment.

Business story

During their biology studies Peter Mullen and Georg Pohland started to combine scientific practices, generally understandable biology related information as well as entertainment to create a new way of publicly disseminating knowledge. Innovation and information, the integration of natural scientific know-how as well as the deployment of special video- and photo-techniques formed the basis of a new concept which merged the fascination for and the aesthetics of nature with the demands of sophisticated entertainment. To fulfill this mission Sunbird Images was established in the year 2000. With the help of a grant of the PFAU Initiative of the State of NRW in Germany, Sunbird Images grew constantly to build up a worldwide online photo agency for wildlife photographers. Moreover, Peter and Georg developed photography and videography techniques for visualizing ultraviolet traits in nature and produced various educational films for museums and other scientific institutions. Increased efforts in the television industry resulted in assignments for ARTE, ARD, RTL, and National Geographic, including consulting and conduction of UV-filming and leading an expedition to Panama.

In 2010, Sunbird Images entered into the mobile application (apps) market. In the same year, in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network, a long term collaboration with Isoperla Ltd was initiated. Thus, features such as automatic bird song recognition and automatic plant recognition were added, both designed by Isoperla Ltd. Along with the roll-out of the Sunbird Images Professional App series, contracts of collaboration with international publishers have been concluded to provide the most comprehensive digital nature guides. Two years later, 2016, the apps of Isoperla Ltd. have been friendly acquired to fully integrate them into the Sunbird Images portfolio. One year later, in 2017, Sunbird won the pitch to develop the major insect monitoring app for the NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union). In cooperation with 169 Labs from Munich we extended our product portfolio by nature skills for smart speakers like Amazon Alexa. The current year 2019 is marked, amongst others, by the publication of the first app in cooperation with renowned Princeton University press: Caterpillars of Eastern North America. In the course of these positive developments the Sunbird Team grew to comprise of now 8 people.

Today, Sunbird Images represents more than 200 photographers and markets more than 100 Apps for iOS and Android OS devices as well as a set of sophisticated multimedia pet and nature e-books. With partners and contributors from all around the globe we constantly work on completing our portfolio of digital nature and wildlife guides.

Areas of business

Our areas of business encompass applications for mobile devices (apps), e-books, film production and an agency for wildlife photography. We cover all kinds of Biotainment topics and cater to a global audience. Our customer base includes wildlife enthusiasts, families, scientists, nature professionals, teachers, students and pupils as well as publishers and broadcasting corporations.

Key Features

Browsing the image database without registration, comprehensive indexing on a scientific basis for the advanced researcher, transparent pricing, and an easy to use order process create an enjoyable user experience. Our service is completed by a direct download option to enable our customers to seamlessly integrate the desired images into their current projects.


Our clients are advertising agencies, public institutions, commercial enterprises and editorial departments of scientific book and newspaper and magazine publishers as well as TV production companies, private and public broadcasting corporations.


We are more than a photo agency, but partners of our clients. Empathy, aesthetics and also education and knowledge form the basis of such a partnership. The enthusiasm for Wildlife photography, scientific imaging, the comprehensive educational concept of Biotainment, expert scientific practice and the respect for nature stand for the integrity of Sunbird TV. High-quality as well as strictly adhering to laws of nature- animal- and species protection are an imperative for all our staff and our partners. To maintain and continuously develop our standards, we count on enthusiasm, team spirit and an international network of experts.


Dr. Georg Pohland – Managing Partner

Georg is founding partner of Sunbird Images. After a commercial training, he studied biology in Duesseldorf and completed his PhD in evolutionary biology in Bonn, Germany. After several years of freelance activities as a scientific consultant, marketing- and PR consultant, and project leader of a biotech start-up he is now in charge of business planning and film production. Georg is Sunbird's expert for snake handling and a passionate cook.

Dr. Peter Mullen – Managing Partner

Peter is founding partner of Sunbird Images. He studied biology in Duesseldorf and worked on avian plumage coloration in the UV at the A. Koenig research museum in Bonn. As an author of scientific books he is a well-known expert in the area of pharmacologically active plants, animals and fungi. For two years, he worked for the strategic consulting company Alcimed in Paris as a business developer in the Life-science industry. Peter is your contact person in the areas of app development and business development.

Dr. Kirsten Mullen, MBA – Strategy and Marketing

Kirsten studied economic sciences in Germany and Spain and completed an MBA in Great Britain and USA. Following her studies she received a PhD on the analysis of strategic behavior of energy companies in the changing energy market. After working in the energy industry for several years Kirsten is now responsible for strategic and marketing activities and the eBook branch of Sunbird Images. She enjoys running and swimming, loves Yoga and being outdoor in nature - by now she is able to identify the most common bird species in Germany by appearance and/ or their songs and calls.

Jessica Langenbach, M.Sc. Biology - Content Manager Biology

Since early childhood Jessica is fascinated by everything crawling around in nature. She is always in the near of shrubs or the ground with her nose which frequently leads to amusement of family and friends. Driven by her passion she studied biology at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität in Düsseldorf, where she passed her Master of Science. At Sunbird Images she is co-responsible for the content of various apps, manages part of the accounting and is on hand with help and advice for the customers. In her free time, insects and other animals have to serve her as photo models, while she is also interested in birding. Jessica herself belongs the genus of night owls, she is socially-engaged and loves music and the fragrant Provence.

Karla Matosic – UX & Interface Design

Karla is the UX / UI designer at Sunbird Images responsible for media design, image editing, graphics and interface design. She initially worked on individual projects at Sunbird Images and is now a salaried member of the Sunbird team. She loves graphic design and works constantly in her free time to improve her skills. In addition to graphic design Karla uses her creativity in other practices such as baking cakes with unique and individual designs which also taste delicious! Since Karla is a registered nurse and has more than 10 years of experience in the general psychiatric acute care unit, every employee at Sunbird Images is in good hands in the event of a nervous breakdown.

Paul Litzbarski – Software Developer

Paul is the chief developer of the team. He started studying computer sciences at Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH Aachen University) before relocating to Hamburg to study computer engineering at the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW) Hamburg (University of Applied Sciences Hamburg) and work as a student trainee for Adobe Systems Engineering GmbH. His leisure time he also spends programming, for instance on demoscene weekends where participants create multimedia-based art, or he plays the piano or bass in a band. He wishes for a future without petrol and diesel cars on the streets, and wants to live on a farm with lots of sheep and llamas – providing, of course, that the internet connection there is sufficient.

Chris Greendyk – Full Stack Developer

Chris is a software developer with a passion for app development, cryptocurrency - and fishing (fish…). At Sunbird Images he spends most of his time working with the Android applications while helping occasionally with iOS applications on the side. He was born and raised in North Carolina, USA. He began studying Civil Engineering at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte for two years before moving to Germany in 2014 where he switched his major to Electrical Engineering at the Technische Hochschule Köln. In his free time, he learns about new technologies such as AI, Blockchain Smart Contracts, and Angular web development. His personal “project of the heart” is the participation in tearing down useless walls in the most southern part of USA.

Guido Holzmann – Media Designer

Guido is a trained digital media designer. At Sunbird Images he is responsible for the design and organisation of different media. This includes the handling of image and sound data as well as the editing of film shots. Initially he worked as a freelancer for Sunbird before he became a salaried media designer as part of Sunbird’s core team at the beginning of this year. He lives out his creativity in different media also in his leisure time – he has been playing the guitar in different bands for 30 years, composes and produces electronic music. Furthermore, Guido is socially very committed. In 2004, for example, he went to South Africa to work on a farm and take care of socially disadvantaged children within a special project there.

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